Arve Nygård

  • Address
  • Moholt Allé 11-01
  • 7050 Trondheim
Work Experience

2013-06-01 till present

Intern at Telenor Digital:

Summer internship in 2013, 2014 and 2015, Part time hire since Aug. 2014

Wrote SMS solution for notifying customers. Currently in production

Backoffice app for Comoyo view, was in production

Worked on DoB solution. Currently in production

Worked on payment solution. Currently in prouction

Wrote various analytics reports: Clearing reports, DoB ticker, etc.

2011-06-01 till 2014-01-01

Intern at Powel AS:

GIS and power grid simulations. Summer job 2011 and 2012, Part-time until 2014

Worked on NetBas, a power grid planning and management system

Worked on DMS, a realtime power grid monitoring system

Wrote an iPad game for a competition at the Powel convention

2010-01-01 till 2012-06-01

Head of Webshop at is a sports shop. Managed everything related to their webshop

Created Course portal

Increased revenue by >100% in one year

Created new webshop


2011-08-01 till 2016-05-01

NTNU - Computer Science : Master

Big Data

AI Methods

AI Programming

Compiler Techniques

Datawarehouses and datamining

Visual computing

2015-01-01 till 2015-06-01

University of Californa, Santa Barbara (UCSB) - Computer Science : Exchange student

Advanced Topics in Computer Vision

Advanced Rendering


Information Theory


Web Development: HTML, CSS / LESS / SASS, Javascript, React, AngularJS, JQuery, Underscore / Lodash, Django, Flask, Cakephp, Jetty, Jersey, Jackson, REST

Databases: PostgresSQL, MySQL, Oracle, (Firebase), (SQLite)

DevOps: Git, Gerrit, AWS, Jenkins, Docker

Graphics: Ray tracing, Path tracing, Physically based rendering, OpenGL, OpenCV, Face tracking, Object Recognition, Signed distance fields, Shading techniques, 3D modelling

Languages: Java, JavaScript, Python, Bash, MatLab, R, C++, (C), (C#), (Objective-C)